Supplier and Subcontractor Portal

The portal is a space specially designed to facilitate communication with our existing and prospective suppliers & subcontractors.

After logging into our website they can share with us the details of the products and services they offer, as well as view our purchasing needs and enter their quotes. These will then be analysed by our staff responsible for Procurement and Contracting.

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Benefits of using the portal

Companies registered in our website will:

  • Appear in our suppliers and subcontractors database.
  • They will be able to let us know about the products and services they offer, with the possibility of being permanently updated.
  • They will receive email notifications about our new procurement and contracting needs.
  • They will have the chance to enter their quotes for our purchasing needs.
  • They will be able to consult online about the documentation regarding procurement and contracting processes.

Registration requirements

To start using our suppliers and subcontractors portal a pre-registration must be completed (even for regular Coarco suppliers).

Said registration is open to current suppliers and subcontractors, as well as to companies who wish to start working in this capacity.

It is an online procedure which consists of sending the data requested by the system through a form, which will then be carefully validated by our procurement and contracting area.

Next steps: Go to the home page of the portal, read more about it, or go to the registration form.

The portal terms and conditions of use are also available..